As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

Technology, Cricket, Deals, Immigration etc …


Google which is a search company is now becoming services based company:
How does future Google looks like: (Courtesy Sandy sent this below link to add fuel to the cause): Future GOOGLE

To build an argument :
1) Bill G is busy for MSN to AOL one side while GOOGLE is tryng with Comcast
to make an AOL deal from the other side.
2) Where ever MS has its offices, GOOGLE opened the offices in the same
city – Seattle and Hyderabad – GOOg Fishing for MS experts with no
relocation packages.
3) GOOGLE is in now in partnership with SUN Microsystems which is a long time MS rival.

“Uncle – I’m worried who wins this battle, Google my friend or Microsoft my
Beta call Ajmeri baba 01121002102102120 , 100% results gaurenteed
.suffering increases with time..baba decreases it…B for the A for The B
for the A…BABA….I have nothing whatsoever on this baba himself…

If you guys wondering who this baba is – see Zee Tv in US, almost evry 10
minutes this commercial shows up…This ad freaks you out..I dont know may
be one day I’ll call this baba ji bcoz of this continuous
hypnosis…….grow up zee comercials


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 18, 2005 | Categories: OtherNews

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