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As Life Goes Digital

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India warns: Google terror threat

You can see all of Hyderabad cantonment area in Google earth…If I’m correct Indian defense ministry selected Hyderabad to be the safest place away from Pakistan’s long land to land missile range and started developing Hyderabad as major back up for military base in case of war with neighboring countries…I feel this information might be available from other sources but Google made that with one click…..As a coommon person I enjoyedd and appreciated the technology that we can see our houses with thatt much resolution..but Google now have to settle these with Govts..With Google now into many businesses…If any of you following Google businesses….I see lots of parallelism with Enron, Arthur Anderson & Anderson consulting and many many examples..Enron a oil pipe line company neglected its core business and ventured into Equity and other irrelevant financial businesses..and the result we all know..same with Anderson’s businesses…Why can’t Google just be with its core search business?..Google want to make a cell phone..damn I have to sell my company stock ASAP before they take over cellphones market…

Hope all Jantha is up to date with latest news…brid flu-eat non veg but with care..Indians helped Pakis in rebuilding Bunkers..NO from both Pak and Indian officals..Only tools provided to rebuild…Bush sees religion in evry thing now a days from Miers to Iraq…

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 17, 2005 | Categories: OtherNews

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