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Outsourcing Pesonal Assistants jobs to India

Sandy forwarded this link Outsourcing

Its amazing any commodity(field) is indespensible in outsourcing… it didnt even spare PERSONAL secretaries (PS).

>>Most of them are not supportive have their won reasons

I support outsourcing of PS jobs to India. There sure is code of conduct as you are dealing with two FIRMS as in case of all other commodities of outsourcing business model.Morever this is benefit to aging PS population in India who can benefit from this deal, No need to spend money on cosmetics or worried about aging wrinkles…..remote working advantages…anyway PS job is always “yes sir” “no sir” no matter PS is in US or India.If working for west factor is the problem does it really matter whom you work as long as you get $$ and a basic human ettiqqutte that PS deserves ???

>>Some comment that this idea of PS is no good as there may be no good labor laws

what are the “some of those tasks given to Honey or Asha” that you or everyone are referring and worried about ? The article as I understand did not talk about about any inhumane things.I think we are going into ASSUMPTIONS now.Correct me..May be I’m wrong.I have seen admin assistants here in my office, their jobs incude from personal to professional services to the senior executives.Believe me they love their job.Do we know what really these PS or PA outsourcing firms are promising?Do you think the people who came with that outsourcing PS/PA business plan did not think of these human issues? If they are not then the plan would have failed. I don’t know how much mature that outsoucing model is unless we dig into facts.Also remember this outsourcing is just another option to PS in India, If they didnt like the they can go to some other firm where they get job respect.I feel it is persional to PS or PA to decide whether they want to be in that kind of industry.Common they are adults they can learn bythemselves what to do and what not to do?


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 22, 2005 | Categories: OtherNews

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