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Outsourcing revenue to India is less than what US takes from India by selling aircrafts

One of my school buddies posts this question

FRIEND SAYS : Statistics on over the past 10 or say 20 years whatever the software companies did a revenue from USA will be at the maximum $ 25-30 billion where has for the next 5years India has given orders to the passenger plane manufactures Boeing and Airbus the orders worth $ 50 billion ..What ever given come doubled to if it has taken employment in IT given back many fold in MFG

My Reply : Good point..Do you know of that $50 BN , How much of it is outsourcing revenue that India aready benefitted before this deal – When I worked for Honeywell , India one group known as aviation control group used to test and write software parts for all kinds of aircrafts .. same with GE which which makes Jet engines how much of that work GE outsourced to India…

Its all economics..rotation of money…

If these companies say Boeing (Commercial Planes) or Lockheed Martin ( by selling F16 fighter jets) or Sikorski (Helicopters) they made $50BN..By doing Math we can say India paid only part of it..and anyway consuming those airlines like travelling by them..people will fly and get more and more projects from US..that way it evens out the cost….anyway I tried logic but dont know that made any sense….


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 26, 2005 | Categories: OtherNews

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