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Shining India’s swanky new sweatshops

The article is forwarded by Kranthi on how Call Centers personnell are treated:

My Reply : Its just not call centers but all outsourcing in general.. next generation projects outsourced to Hyd firm, some of the firm’s resources in US will call these guys in US times and thing is other guy is available in 2.00 , 3.00 , 4.00 AM thier 24/7 support form one guy…where is work life balance for these guys working for outsourcing firms….not that all firms are like that but majority of them are…

One other Friend replied:Wait a minute, kalyan where you the one supporting PA/PS case few days ago. How come couldnt find something positive about sweat shop ordeal…

Yes I still support outsourcing….as it creates jobs and decreases unemployment in India..they always have option of working in differnt company they like to be..see attrition rates for those blood sucking companies…….I’m making a point of “hard working” Indians compared to the US counterparts….I brought that point in a differnt note that US is becoming complacent and Indians and Chinese are working hard….Am I contradicting myself ?? emo ra ee madhya multiple personality disorder cinema lu ekkuva vathunnayi..

The same friend replied : I never said anything about supporting or not supporting of outsourcing. It was about treatment of people.

My Reply:..Making mistakes may be I have some Attention Defficet Syndrome…Treatment of people in my opinion as I said in earilier….. if they don’t like that job don’t they have option of choosinganother job..see attrition rates of those companies related to treatment of people ….. ? …can we come to conclusions just based on one report that was sent to us ?

I don’t think so..All these things look too preachy ra … but thats okay this is our internalgroup..we know each other for many years..they have to live with these better SPAM each day…

Our buddy experts are quiet and watching the show..please say “Yes SiR”..( Kranthi ,Vivekand Vickky read that as “present sir”)

Atluri is missing discipline ..Rescue them..

Girish, Ajjit , koona.. trio..where are you guys ?? ….eventhough he is on24/7 support get inspired by Vicky’s dedication and contibution to the group -:) (Vicky joke ra adhi..)

Chikku ..the Evangelist..Technology Early it out…. Who else..Alfred is busy in narrative drafting of essay ..Srikanth busy inMRO office showing the info act sent by Vivek….Nandu and Ram are busy withHalloween pumpkins..Sandy sorry to announce that India won again without Ganguly…SP – nee Golfing rival ‘wie’ tho match ki prepare avuthunnava entira busy aypoyyavvu…Vinod I know is moving to Pune, Nags – we never stopworking for you ( employee) explains it all..Sol..the GE man.. Suri the Piscataway man long time no wit from you ..Pari the CITI citycommuter..CH of arts..Kranthi the reporter ..we know what youupto..Vishal busy in flight deals to go west or midwest for Thanksgiving weekend…..

No apologies If i intentionally missed some one..If you came upto this point..then u read my post..thanks


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 25, 2005 | Categories: OtherNews

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