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What we can do for India – part1

One of my old school buddy who is in UK posted questions to the group about what we can do for India.

Dear UK India friend,

Isn’t this one of ur B-Schools essay competition topic?

Here is my brainless opinion and am not a subject matter expert..Still my contibution..

What do you think causes poverty in India?
1 million factors but I would go for population growth and a single efficient echoing reforms party not ruling at the central for atleast a decade in this highly collaborative global economy.

Are we different from Africa or USA or we are not adept at using our own resources?
Africa have no idea but comparing with US , India sad first develop its basic public infrastructure needs like roads , hospitals , bus systems, railways).System is not right recently a friends dad got involved in an accident and looks like the accident needs to be reported first in police station before the patient is seen by doctor..From my childhood i have seen these in movies.. fact is it still prevails..IMPROVE INFRASTRUCTURE…It takes years for countries which were colonies once, to develop on it own that too with so many diversities either in caste or cultures..Containment of population growth and have one strong economic reforms pro government that is stable for idlest decade as a ruling party in the central government recently somewhere about Chile economic reforms and I’m chilled , India should learn from growing economies…Resources are broader in subject..Management of resources in productive way is what India needs..On one resource issue – Indian economy agriculture play a amjor role..Are we efficient in borrowing or innovating new ways of doing agriculture with technology..If you see planning commission and budgeting many of these are mentioned but to what extent it is implemented. People and commissions should be made accountable and do an analysis of failed implementations.

The further question I would ask is what should be the contribution of ours in correcting this?
If you are outside India , Invest the dollars into Indian economy the investor benefits and also the country too you are in India you already helping the country in a way by paying taxes a child or becoming a member of non profit ornaizatiosn is what I feel our contribution should be.

(India Vision 20__)


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 4, 2005 | Categories: OtherNews

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