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What we can do for India – part2


XXXX continued the topic by sending these hard questions to the group

>> 1)Population growth does NOT cause poverty, poverty>> causes population growth.
>>> 2)Unversalizing western culture causes people to buy> Western products to the detriment Indian products

Kalyan writes:
XXXX my inputs…also remember im not generalizing just my thoughts onthe subject..

1) I’ll still stick to my opinion -again IMO simple concept — government isnot a money making machine , population contributes to govt by payingtaxes…if numbers keep on adding then govt is over loaded in doing itsbasic services.govt has to start some where (it did took steps in providingincentives to family planning) and I believe is to find ways of “stoppingpopulation growth like one of them being providing education and awarenessto to all”. Take the farmers suicide cases, the same farmer who is above thepoverty line (ATPL) is pushed to below the poverty line (BPTL) because thenature didn’t do its course like rains, Govt shd have prevented this if ithas enough emergency mgmt resources, “all the govt resources are exhaustedin providing support to only part of the population..and other part ofpopulation is still in BTPL”….let me try to summarize what would be easyto govt ? if the population number is constant..govt can think of ways ofadjusting its model of serving or benefiting to/from its population.

2)Its not the WEST thing , IMO if quality of product is good and affordablepeople go for it, why did you think Japan and Singapore electronics derivemaximum profits from Indian markets ? They are not WEST countries. Watchesfrom Singapore is flooded into Indian markets they did take their share fromIndian watch makers..only reason affordable and innovation of electronicwatches..India should also find its ways of innovation and high qualityproducts not to cry on competition. Annual budget majority of it goes todefense allocations agreed we have tensions with Pakistan or china or someother country , are we not doing a bit extra by allocation those huge shareto defense..divert that money to innovation programs.May be your point ofuse of western products is true in case of cosmetics industry , thesedeveloped countries gave two or there miss world and miss universe crowns to attractmasses of developing countries like India to buy and promote model industryin India so that their high pricey and low end cosmetics make it to Indianmarkets.As always they are good business people and that does not mean thatIndia whine about westernization….have a business plan to attack..Did itdo any better in pre-cold war days where it is by the side of Russia whenthere is no western influence on our industry?

Now ill conclude these as I need caffeine now , just reminding I’m not attacking anyone’s opinions here and glad UK friend initiated the thread with some good points…and XXXX we all know he is ATL ( Above The Line),YYYY’s good corruption point absolutely a damaging cause to India’seconomic growth…From Now i know in response to ZZZZ’s mangloian topic -AAAA’s mail of mangolian rapes as the primary cause of popluationgrowth..I’m glad from BBBB’s money dimension.. that I realized think likeCCCC in charity..OLA OLA I covered everone in mail I guess…

Today is Friday,
Kallu – Kalyan


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 7, 2005 | Categories: OtherNews

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