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Friend reviewed Born Into Brothals movie…Based on Calcutta’s facts based…


Based on a true story…movies always make some sense ra..will have to rent it…okay renting…as at workplace most commonly discussed topics are movies,music and sports…so last year..for many be movie knowledgeable also damn cold windy winters,flu vaccine shortage(this year too in shortages as they say WILMA) made to avoid people (more winterly depression) ..stay indoors life ..decided I would go join this movie renting scheme…first month was good bczo itis FREE….second month believe me stressed out to complete two to three movies a week… as to complete and return the movie used to get up in the mornings and complete the movie…Block buster and Plannet Hollywood are done for me…last resort heard netflix is good ( $9.99 ..yah right cheapo), will try that.

Boyz won the cricket series with Srilanka then..Isn’t this Dravid and Tendulkar’s scam to keepGanguly in Dullep trophy..only they two and white austrlain and knows itbetter..

One in One Billion+ fan of ….,



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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 4, 2005 | Categories: Movies

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