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Nursing – Community colleges

Decided to blog now and then my findings about Nursing Careers in US.

Nursing is a very promising career with so much of future in US.
Being in US , to make a career change to Nursing the best option would be through your community college.

Decide if you can invest three years of your time to make transition to Nursing career.

Advantages of getting degree from local community collge are
1) Part time course – will get completed in two years minimum and three years maximum
( Number of years depends on prerequesite in sciences like chemistry, biology etc…)
2) Low tuition fees, being indistrict student the charge per credit hour will be less than 100$

How to get admission into community college for Nursing.
1) Write National level exam conducted by league of Nursing – NLN , It is percentile based scoring. Score above 90 percentile will gaurantee you seat in college. Dont be discouraged if your scores are low first time. Attempt until you score more than 90. I would say probably three attempts.
2) Complete all prerequesites while taking NLN exam., Make sure you maintain GPA of 4.0 or A in all pre req courses.
3) Meet with counsellor and get your degree evaluated and then complete all required DRP ( Degree of reading power – basically reading comprehension), Americam constitution and basic MATH exams.

In Illinios Northwest suburbs , The two known good community colleges are:
1) Harper Community college
2) Elgin community college.

I’ll try to gather info about all Nursing careers and salary statistics in future.


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