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Who said India is not a developed country

Fellow Indians and Non-Indians : Entientientienteee india is a developing country ????

Riots – Paris is burning…well paris suburbs are the main ones…It is just not India that riots we witness bcoz of minor incidents..good news world is following us…
Ethics.-Bush staff now requires to complete ethics class and show the evidence of training credit to all US citizens..Its nothing differnet than India’s politicians ethics..good job US ! so many similarities with India..
Nepotism – Miers selection..Resume of Miers is weak for the position why did Bush choose her..In Indian culture we bond well and give importance to personal relations – we love the sucking up followers and give them high positions.
Relief Efforts – Katrina and now WILMA blamed for delayed Flu shots and worst relief efforts and cry baby Micheal Brown “please call me back” emails..Poor chandra babu anavrushti — no rains –karuvu-farmer suicides..rajasekhar athivrusti flooding — farmers crops flushed away..By the time normalcy is restored comes next rainy season….two andhra cry babies blaming each other for their lucky iron legs…
Sports – We suprise some times – wonders of wonder -white sox wins and India wining against lanka in Cricket..
Medical -Bird Flu – Developed Eastern counties like Croatia are struggling to keep that pandemic in control..India no worries no bird flu case yet made public so no flu..

God so many similarties, India should be declared developed country…start the petition it is urgent , Indian govt is slow and will not follow up on this petition as an Indian it is our duty to follow up on this -:) (Smiley emitoicon petta serious ga thessukondi please)

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 6, 2005 | Categories: OtherNews

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