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As Life Goes Digital

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CISCO stock sliding ..Intel gloomy go save money

Before buying any item ever wondered what if I get that item for less or for free, There are tons of deal sites and here is the one absolute all in one deal site that I came across today in slickdeals which has articles with details of how and what to do to get best deal virtually on anything.
Here is the dollar stretcher deal site that has almost all categories with deal articles.
There are articles that intersted me of how to get away from shopping addictions. Simple rule of all deals is buy only when you need not just because a super money saver deal is available.
Here is my buddy who got locked on 86 MPH on a 40 MPH speed zone and that too driving a bike.He got a reward of 12 points for speeding. He approached a lawyer who charged 250$ and made this guy plead guilty so as to reduce his points by 8 i.e. now his record will have 4 points.Does this work for evry one?Is it wise to spend money on lawyers to lower one’s speeding points ? The site has few articles that discusses the rationale behind spending money on reducing using fine points.

Second day today CISCO stock lost another dollar today, reason three analysts downgraded CISCO stock ratings.Stock market did start today with the disappointing news of the cold breeze wiped $1bn worth of citrus fruit in California , Intel disappointed the results that analysts expected and finally Fed speakers made comments on inflation at various places – “ovish San Francisco Fed President Janet Yellen said a “gangbusters” labor market is the biggest threat to taming inflation. “I do take it as a serious risk,” Yellen said on the subject of wage inflation, in a speech to the Arizona Council on Economic Education in Scottsdale, Ariz.”

Master card (MA) increased by 3$ today and day over day MA gave perfect share holder returns starting at 46$ IPO last year.VISA is supposed to issue IPO this year and these credit card companies bank on sloppy financial ppl and they are including me I believe are more than 70% of the population.I’m in for VISA IPO.Have to check if it is out yet ?

I have completed my Statistics 2nd week home work and its good to get back to good old calculas applications.
The other SHRM course paper is due next Monday and have to write about my employer and in what business discipline ( Product leadership, Operational excellence and Customer intimacy) my employer excels at and what work force strategy leads my employer excel at that business discipline.I’m stressed out now that Apple reported its record earnings and releasing IPhone this June.

Developing story : This week is the big challenge for us and to our six months baby as she is getting used to day care and strangers, Most of the part she is taking it bravely except that she needs mommy when she wakes up.Also always some one has to be in her point of sight.One of our biggest worry of stranger anxiety that she has seems to be gone now.She drives with the dady sitting in the back seat talking and playing all by herself.What an accomplishments considering her 6 months age. Plan as of now is to send her two half days and one full day as these days myself and my wife are out to work and school.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 18, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The credit card business is one of the most profitable (although least known for its value) in the US. Its worth watching the VISA IPO carefully.

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