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Free shipping – Staples that was "EASY"

Deal of the day :
If you are lazy like me to walk to Staples store to get office or school items ..Here is the “lazy and money saving” deal on any staples items –

First :
Apply for staple rewards membership and get the rewards membership account number.
Second :
Add your online selected items to the cart , Shipping charges are displayed (like 7$ or some other amount depending on what you selected).
Its time to erase these shipping charges by following this below procedure.
1) Log into your staples account
2) Add items by order number.
3) Before placing order – go to one of the tabs on the top of the screen – “my account” –> “personal information” – edit “Staples RewardsSM, Staples Teacher Rewards™, Tax Exempt, Customer Number” and reenter again the same number and click continue.
4) The order now should show you free shipping.

Isn’t this a deadly deal that avoids your trip to staples with free shipping ?
Credit : – some whereburiedd in one of their deal posts.
My best doing stock
of the day :
Symbol : Mastercard (MA) , Last price : 106.00 Today’s dollar change :+0.75

My worst doing stock of the day :
Symbol : Cisco (CSCO) , Last price : 28.04 Today’s dollar change :-0.88

My MBA progress : (15 courses to completion)
DePaul – 3 & 4th course this winter
Business Stats – 2nd week ,calculuss applications and how they help solve some of economic “problems”.
SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Management) – 2nd week , Human Resources = People – Review of 100 best employers to work for ..Its great to know that companies apply to Fortune torequestt their inclusion into these surveys followed by extensive interviews of nominated employees of the company.Google made it to top this year and the consequence is 1300 resumes per day.Most of the employers aredroppingg from this surveys as it creates more work than brand marketing.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 16, 2007 | Categories: Deals

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