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75 years Telugu film festival DRAMA

Note : You will enjoy this blog entry if you are some what familiar with south indian Telugu film heroes..

Camera,Action,Sound ,Lights OFF
Telugu actor – collection king Mohanbabu gave emotional speech at 75 years Telugu film festival.The reasons cited in the speech are for not giving him “legend” honor by the film festival committee.He cites many reason why he cannot be Telugu film industry “legend” as being him the govt. representative and a college that subsidises or provides free education to the needy. Find below the Google video :

In response to this speech Megastar gave an emotional counter speech declining the reasons for him not accepting “legend” honor from the committee.Find below the Google video:

So how old is this feud between these two actors, Is it just these two actors or a whole Telugu film industry is divided? Gossips are in the air that pol tics and caste is one important factor that rules Telugu movie industry behind the scenes and looks like this event helped all the big names to vent out their anger against one another.A few incidents as usual took place as fans of both actors resorted to street anger causing social disturbance over the emotional speeches of these actors.It is not bad that tollywood alone has these wars between actors as recently the feud between Big B and SRK made rounds in bollywood industry.Looks like whole movie industry moguls are greedy to get recognition and wants to show their superior and heroism in live to their mass fans.Let entertainment be entertainment and not put the lives of innocent people at stake because of egos of heroes.



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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 12, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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  1. kranthi says:

    ur blog has an excellent collection of everything. nice blog to loiter when we have time. why dont u add a few telugu posts in this. u know its not tough these days after came in. Any way its up to u. But as they telugu is best for humour and music 🙂

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