As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

Technology, Cricket, Deals, Immigration etc …

Cost cutting …

Its time of the year for layoff news from Chrysler,Pfizer,Motorola,…

It is best time as an individual to look into monthly cost cutting measures on recurring expenses – Some expenses are that we pay more and use less like cell phones, my case peak time minutes of 250, As a full time employee how often are these cell phone peak time minutes used in a day ? Very rarely. Consider this with two cell phones for a family – expense multiplies.

Monthly Phone Expenses = (154$)

Two Cell Phones Plan expenses – 75$ – family plan with Verizon.
These expenses are difficult to cut down on , I always keep checking Verizon if they have lowered their family plan prices.They never -:(
I’ve tow CDMA cell phones , My options are limited in selecting the carriers so I have to go with Sprint ? Can I still be able to use same phones and just change the monthly family plan to see if there are any savings ? So there is an opportunity window to save few bucks here …. any other ideas?

Land line – 9$
(Paid 199$ for two years for SUNROCKET – VOIP)
This worked out good initially had lots of static issues with the service but it settled down now and call quality is much better.Also I get 3$ free of international minutes.There is no way I can get out of this contract as it is prepaid in full.I keep hearing most people (read it as family people) are now not having any landlines and are just using their cell phones for everything.

International calls to India – 70$
Airtel came for rescue with 8cents/minute with promotional one month it was 4cents/month.International call rates to India keeps dropping and I wish with Reliance and Airtel fighting for the customer base I hope will further lower their call rates.This is wait and watch but are there any other cheaper options to make this cost lower? I should make it a discipline to use Internet skype ‘computer to computer’ talking whenever possible.

So 154$ in recurring expenses on communication. At least a 10% off of this cost could significantly increase my savings.I should work towards this savings and will post If I find a way to realize these savings.I’ll do a follow up blog on TV/Internet expenses to find wayd of minimizing those expenses.If any of you who is reading this blog knows of any other ways post your thoughts please..



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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 16, 2007 | Categories: MBA

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