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DD – I love you

Doordarshan is in news again as recently high court been notified of agreement signed between Prasar Bharti and SetMax to provide live feed of all the World Cup matches to be played in the West Indies from March 14.Why is this a great news and why any one should care as cable channels does the same? Firstly Doordarshan had no competition in its wide reach and free to air service.Secondly, The problems with cable operators is that they require almost 1/5 th of the screen for online advertisement spinners making viewers annoyed that they cannot see their stars in fullest action, continuity and full satisfaction is missed in case of cable viewing.Thirdly,Okay what about quality of transmission both cable and DD are both digital.DD take the top spot as it aires directly from the stations as compared to cable that does through decoders which might introduce some disturbance of the transmission.
If economics are considered surely the setmax (collaboration with Nimbus productions) will be at a loss as it bought the rights for whopping RS 27 billion.This struggle is not new as DD monopoly over skies is repeatedly angered many international channels who is losing millions.Remember the great ‘unity’ ad of DD –
I sincerely hope ‘anek’ channels don’t get DD to get stumped.All things aside Is all viewers can reap this advatantage? NO certainly…what about power cuts? some one should file petetion in the same lines requesting that there should be no powercuts this summer atleast for India playing matches.This puts all those govt controlled electricty departments to work.
For Desi viewers, I wish its high time that DD should go international so that cricket Desi fans all over the world can watch world cup free 🙂 , Haa until that comes out I’ll pay 199$ on Dish for WC 2007.I don’t want to take chances with Internet alternatives I know some of the standard ones (like willow TV) pays off and have good deals like get only India playing matches.Another 20 more days to think ? Please do write if you come across any good cheap high quality alternatives.Dollars getting consumed, I better wish Rahul’s squad do what ever it takes talents/skills/tricks/fixing this time.



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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 24, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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