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My stocks portfolio

Stocks – I started experimenting on few stocks last year mainly from the analysis of sivy70 list of CNN. This list gives you projected rate of return (ROI) for the top performing stocks and this sivy70 list can be sorted based on the current price of stock. I used to sort by price so as to make sure the stock is affordable and fits my investing budget. Some other stocks I picked up based on EPS (Earnings per share) and dividend payers by searching through I still regret that I didn’t buy Google when stock was trading at $130 initially. Now I stopped thinking about Google because of 500$ price tag. I better hope they split this stock soon. Last year I tried IPO offerings where I took the losses in BKC (Berger King), I sold them last year for break even and made some gains in MA (Master Card).

Here is my current stock portfolio with reds being losing money and greens are that posted decent gains and taking inspiration from 2million blogger, one day I’ll dare to compare mine with Warren’s portfolio as 2million did in his blog.

I keep getting good feedback from my friend who is into stock charts. He goes by DMA’s and all averages of charting to predict stocks. I tried myself these charts and are quite interesting and of course too much of work so I left that hard work down the drain. For suggestions he helps me on some stocks with buy, hold ratings. Good strategy might be just not to put all stock in tech sector but also in energy, health and airlines.

I opened TDAmeritrade account to buy and sell stocks which I feel is a good trading tool with good analysis tools. There are so many online brokerage firms like share builder, scotttrade and other so research what tool is best for you for managing your portfolio requirements.

My portfolio will keep on changing based on ups and downs in the market and I intend to hold very few stocks of above on a long term basis.

Again stocks are unpredictable and always one will have risk of loosing all their investments like the DOT COM stocks where all the paper cash vanished with in few days in year 2000.



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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 13, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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