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Re-birth of Indian Radio

Remember ‘cibaca geet maala’ hosted by Ameen Sayani in 70’s and 80’s radio, I as kid just wanted to listen him saying those few words and then pay some attention to whats top ten in the charts for that week.So that I can brag to my friends the top song of the week as a topic.My dad used to put that loud Philips radio with early morning regional news (Pranthiya vaarthaalu) with special weather announcements at that time I really don’t know why a fisherman’s alerts such as depression in bay of bengal interested me day after day ..may be not knowingly I feel now Radio did that silent absorption of fisherman’s lives into all listeners each morning with weather knowledge.
Followed by five minutes ‘sanskrit’ news by Baladevananda Sagara ending with ‘Ithi vaartha ha’..and followed by National news on AIR – so much to say that all radio listeners know what India developments are..The news were so sad some times like news of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination or NTR’s heart attack.
Don’t understand why AIR announcer reminds the time to nth second (8 hour 30 minutes 10 seconds) explanation I can think of is that all those HMT mechanical watches need to be reset with key and radio time.The vividha bharathi program lasts until 10.00 AM with all good songs with announcer reading all the requester who requests songs for listeners, Always one guy – ‘Somayya’ (I’m making it up..I forgot that common requester name) from ‘sunni penta’ is on almost all songs.
What was TV doing doruing these years/times.TV is not allowed in the mornings and of course during those years its all blank (sugar) screen with no programmings in the morning.TV is of Dyanora made and it has locked door that we used to lock the TV for the sake of locking.Did TV killed the radio ? Not DD but the flooding of satellite channels in late 80’s that used to run round the clock I personally feel is death blow to radio.
Recently again the listener ratings on radio with new FM channels are on the rise.What’s the reason ? Because Lage raho Munnabhai in love with Radio Jockey?Or is it that more cars and car owners are on the road and getting struck in traffic jams needs some in-car entertainment?
Poor man’s friend is back into the hands again,check this you tube video how it is helping remote village in Bihar.

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 23, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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  1. Aspi says:

    Kallu, Kalmla Bhatt did a podcast recently with Ameen Sayani. I haven’t heard it yet, but I thought I’d pass on the link:

  2. Kalyan says:

    Wow ..thanks Aspi.Listening to that interview was refreshing.Her hosting and the details that Ameet gave in the interview was amazing.It brought back some of the good old memories.I don’t remember the Bournvita quiz but glued to TV when Sidartha Basu’s Quiz used come in DD on Sunday’s.I’ll bookmark Kamlabatt’s blog for other interviews.The link from Aspi is not getting wrapped around in comments- so her is link with line breaks-

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