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To invest or not to invest in FORTRESS IPO ?

It is tax returns and bonus time of the year so how to put this extra money wisely and not to make them sit in less interest savings account, Being economy in stocks boom, All my research and love now a days is with There is so much buzz with “Fortress Investment Group” (FIG) IPO last week, The stock rose to 37.50$ making its creators billionaires. What’s special about this IPO ? It is the first hedge and private equity fund to go public.Following these footsteps it is definite that in coming days other hedge and private equity funds owners try to issue IPOs in greed to become next billionaires.There are so many doubt strings raised by the investors on the FIG group.Forget about the riches what about amateur investors like me to decide whether to invest in this stock or not ? Alternatively I’m thinking of energy sector stock – SCHLUMBERGER which has got above average ratings from the investors.I have until Monday morning to decide to go with SLB or FIG ? I have opened the two orders in tdameritrade brokerage firm and If my research yields nothing, I’ll decide by flipping the coin on late Sunday today.



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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 11, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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  1. shruthee says:

    Kallu…Good Blog…
    sometimes it is better to watch the action from sidelines…
    On FIG…let it settle down…If you remember GOOG…it ahd the initial hype/run…then a healthy pullback…
    ON SLB check this daily chart..
    I think it rose too fast after the bottom…I’m positive it retest the bottom..
    Check this hourly chart..with -ve CMF(money flow)..the volume a nd AC/DS below the 20 day moving average…all this points to retesting the bottom or atleat(62.25)..they would have the 200 DMA cross the 50 DMA and then go for the “Golden Cross”….
    This is all my opininon..but a news might change this…but I have most of the times seen “The chart knows that the news is coming”…Volume precedes movement…
    Hence just wait on the sidelines and watch the action..

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