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AMUL and Cricket

Being in US , I miss AMUL ads specially during cricket world cup time where all those hoardings at busy junctions in major cities across India making us laugh no matter how much we were stressed out either due to work or India loosing crucial game. Started Googling to find relevant AMUL posts , here is the one that describes to its best about AMUL and hats off to this guy for igniting my love for AMUL ads again.Here is short description for some of those who does not know AMUL is for – AMUL is a company based out of Gujarat and is into the business of food/diary products. The hoardings are usually that for AMUL’s branded butter. A new ad is apparently created every week and these ads revolve around the latest happening thing (good/bad/ugly) in the country (or local states) and can be anything associated with politics/sports/movies/people/laws/general events etc. The ads are very creative, witty, humorous, wacky and sometimes controversial but invariably elicit a laugh, chuckle or at least a smile from almost everyone who understands the context. The ads relate butter to the topic of the ad in a very amazing & intriguing manner…primarily by playing with words. The words can be in plain English or Hinglish (combination of Hindi and English).

Images Courtesy : Amul (

Here is one about our coach when he was appointed as coach of India.

Is Chappell really right chapp to coach India ? or Team India not right chapps to get coached from Chappell ?

One for Rahul who was made vice captain from captain.

Will that be one down or eleven down after team India’s exit from world cup ?

About ads

Except for endorsing in ads and raking in huge numbers , none of team India big ad rakers made runs for India.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 27, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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