As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

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Cricket and technology

With the passage of years cricket players evolved from using eyeglasses to contact lenses to Laser Vision Correction.Clive Lloyd, batsman and captain, played for the West Indies with his distinctive bottle-sized spectacles. His poor vision did not stop him from ferociously cutting and pulling the fastest bowlers of his time. But spectacles in sports can be dangerous.Today’s players like Saurav Ganguly wear contact lenses rather than spectacles. Contacts are more convenient and less dangerous.But contact lenses too have their limits, and athletes who can afford it are opting for permanent surgical cure.

Similarly technology helped cricket on and off the field either by introduction of stump cams or stump vision of 1990’s to 2001’s hawk-eye (computer simulations to track the path of the ball) to Snickometer.

Stump vision – In many cricket fields, there’s a wire traveling underground, connecting the camera loacted on stumps to other TV equipment or even PCs, to remotely control and view.

Hawk-Eye uses six or more television cameras to create 3D representation of ball path.This technology helps greatly in rightly judging LBWs in cricket, This technology is borrowed from tennis.

A Snickometer is used in cricket to find if ball hit the bat or pads to rightly judge in cases of difficult catches.

Recently IPOD is used by english team hoping to help plays improve their game, coaching staff have loaded iPods with clips with techniques from the opposition and English team for players to study.

SMS is hugely popular in India
,where youngsters often exchange lots of text messages, and companies provide alerts, infotainment, news, cricket scores update.

There are now too many internet sites to watch cricket online.Recently Australians dismayed at the Nine Network’s decision not to broadcast Australia’s first three Cricket World Cup matches are watching them live over the internet.

As an alternative to TV and Internet, It may be good idea to see cricket on Cell Phones.Last time around Airtel launches Cricket Genie for cricket lovers

This time for world cup hooking mobile users on cricket, According to industry estimates, the mobile value-added services industry is worth Rs 2,850 crore ; it could be Rs 4,560 crore by end-2007. And cricket is a key revenue driver of this.


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