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Cricket fans and their sentiments

People know best team wins always and that is why it is a sport but still hardcore fans put all their lives with sentiments into this game that is played /watched heavily in the subcontinent.
Ten of those superstitions or sentiments of cricket fans – (If you know more increase the list)

  1. prayers in homes, temples and mosques.
  2. Wicket of opponent team for every trip of a fan to the loo
  3. Cricket fan’s pet (dog’s) sitting position costing opponent team’s wicket
  4. People wear ’lucky’ colours or their ’lucky ’ dress, some fans wear same dress unwashed for all India playing matches
  5. Pujas and offerings are promised to the deity if the team wins.
  6. A cricket fan watches the game standing (100 overs)
  7. Banning some one from the group of fans labeling him as curse for loosing the match
  8. Fans like Anupam kher in SRK’s movie Darr wearing leg pads and dressed up for the match.
  9. Fans seeking the advise of astrologers if cup goes to India
  10. Fans putting TV as per ‘vasthu‘ to make their team win the match.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 12, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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