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Ganguly and Viru (Stars without light)

Manjrekar’s World Cup Team analysis:

“Ganguly is in good form and India can depend on him to deliver at the top. But it is Sehwag who is a lottery for this World Cup and lets hope, we call the right number, because if Sehwag fires then India becomes a different team altogether because there is immense talent in him”

My take as pressure is off of Ganguly at this time he will succeed, Viru very well knows that if he doesn’t play well in one or two matches he can say good bye to international cricket.These yesterday stars if they can shine (idea) for first 12 overs , match is ours.

Ganguly SHOULD SAY- “Jo kal hua, woh dobara nahi hoga.”

vi(ee)ru SHOULD NOT BE waiting for Basanti’s dhanno tanga to take him to the batting crease

If Viru and Ganguly clicks for India then it is Diwali.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 13, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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