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Half Time Report – Paper tigers faltered again (Part1 of part2)

-Report by Kalyan in collaboration with his Mama (Maternal Uncle),an avid Indian cricket fan

Lack of application and discipline shattered hopes of one billion.
Three hours batting chaos pushed all Indians into sea of disappointment.Least said about the batting in their opening encounter with a minnow team like Bangladesh is the best said.

SehwagAs usual bowler had no difficulty at all in picking up the wicket.It seems Sehwag finds his place more comfortable at pavilion preferably as twelevth man than spending time in the middle of the pitch.Gifting the wicket became the order of the day for Sehwag.What all he was supposed to do is just to play five overs irrespective of the runs and scoring rate, this was time and again educated to Sehwag by every body ranging from Col. Vengsarkar to way side tea shop boy.What he did is no difference from previous matches, now it is time to decide right place for a player who has no interest to learn lessons from his mistakes.

Utthappa A promising player going for a rash shot.
Without reading the pitch and adjusting to the pace Uttappa played an irresponsible shot of gulli cricket player resulting a double dhamaka bonanza to Bangladesh.

SRT – Surprisingly Sachin was not at all comfortable right from first ball he faced.Even after surviving almost certain LBW Tendlya failed to en cash.He was fooled by an in cutter and offered a simple catch to wicket keeper.

Dravid – Cracks on the wall.Whether captaincy costing him ??
YuvrajMan of crisis.Yuvraj gave excellent support to Ganguly in building up the innings from utter chaos to respectable position
Dhoni , Agarkar and Bhajji – Take one (Dhoni) get two (Agarkar and Bhajji)
Final Surprise

GangulyProved himself as a comeback hero when wickets are falling at regular intervals and Sehwag, dravid , Tendulkar are in Pavilion, the prince of Calcutta showed sheer application and discipline in building up the innings.

Munaf and Zaheer – they gave great resistance and made India reach 191 from 159.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for second part of the game.

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 17, 2007 | Categories: 2007 World Cup, Cricket

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