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Is Abhishek Tadka a right 'whistleblower' for Aishwarya?

On Tuesday 27th March 2007, it was officially announced that Abhishek Bachchan will be getting married to Aishwariya Rai on Friday 20th April 2007 in Mumbai.

Is this marriage made on earth or heaven ? When cell phone are preferred over Abhishek by girls (see you tube video below), why did Aishwarya choose Abishek over cell phones ? Is Abhi tadka right for Ash?

Motorola cell phone is preferred over Abhishek ad:

Ash goes hot wild and crazy in coke ad whistling her way around (see below you tube video )

Why did Salman’s and Vivek’s whistling didn’t create love tunes in the heart of Ash?
Salman is an aggressive whistle blower who couldn’t digest the fact the former Miss World parted him, Ash looking for a good friend during this time might have inclined to passive nature of Vivek and when media started to blew things out of proportion between Vivek and Ash, Ash says – “Vivek is a very good friend.” and boom comes the break up .Only two of them knows or only Ash knows the reasons of her break-up with Vivek.

Is it possible that Ash might have found safe heaven and a right heart in Abhishek?
Ash’s personality is of international celebrity status where as Abhishek is a shy actor who is continuously trying to find or yet to find his top status in Bollywood.But the chemistry between two actors is what Mani Rathnam showed to the world in movie ‘Guru’ that both Abhishek and Ash can be good husband and wife.

What Abhishek thinks of Aishwarya Rai’s break ups with Salman and Vivek?

As this website puts it : Abhishek Bachchan on Ash
“This has become a ritual. The media loves to cook up such stories. And once you start reacting to such gossips, you end up giving it undue attention. Ash is a great co-actor and we share a very cordial relationship. It is embarrassing for an actor, particularly a woman, to get associated with men she isn’t involved with.”

Beginning April 20 , whistling a new tune hope these two film personalities have a very long married life.

Let’s see…


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