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As Life Goes Digital

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Is all my cricket excitement gone?

My brother Srikanth (or Kanthu) from greater Hyderabad,India writes –

Is all my cricket excitement gone?

In my childhood days I was so interested in watching cricket matches and world cup used to be a big festival. Why now a days even the world cup seems to be a normal tournament. Where’s all the excitement gone

In my opinion now a days too much of cricket killed the excitement. Scan thru the numerous channels available on a cable TV , it is certain that on some sport channel some where in the world on any day a cricket match is telecasted.

In my child hood days I really had to wait six months for next match or series. Now as the spacing between series is like a week or two the next tournament is already lined up with timings and schedules. The mood is such that okay what if India doesn’t win this time then there is any next series lined up.

Sponsors compete with each other by this popular game making these tournaments to happen too often that even raised concerns on player’s fitness issues because of lack of rest and viewers are constantly loosing interest and even the world cup looks like a normal series.

Is my favorite sport cricket dying ?


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 16, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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