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Top tags sentences

Okay this is my weirdest of weirdest post. why?
I scrambled all the words of top tags currently used by bloggers as reported in technorati and made up few sentences.

Here are top tags as reported in – accessories,adult,american idol,bush,baby,birthday,comedy,gmail,iran,money,open-source,opinion,tags,
global-warming,ieia,kathy sierra,mp3,random-thoughts,twitter,web-20,xbox-360,youtube

Can meaning-ful sentences be made from all TOP TAGS of technorati? yea sure If I can do it , you will do it easily.TRY IT’S EASY!

Here goes my Random-thoughts of making up sentences with top tags-

Oh my baby birthday is in a few months.

I know I should not look at price tags but baby stuff like toys are expensive.

If its an adult then a present like Mp3 player and its accessories are fashion and can be easily bought now a days by spending little money.

Adults in my opinion should behave like adults and vote for Sanjaya in American idol. (Nah…)

Open source will become indestructible force that will threaten commercial windows vista of Microsoft,Yahoo and gmail of Google.

Daily-joke on current-events of Iran and Bush become a sought after topics on comedy central now a days.

Does global-warming fame Al Gore’s ‘inconvenient truth’ help democrats win this next election?

I feel Kathy Sierra and the blogger community should carefully use Twitter in only close knit groups to do microblogging as we all know when Bloggers cross their limits they are offending and taking the blogging to most unpleasant heights.

In youtube you can watch xbox-360 ad endorsed by Yuvarj (Indian Cricketer).

I missed web1.0 and at least I have to catch up with web2.0 or web20

I don’t know what ieia is ? Probably chinese brothers know …

Did I get all of them? If you do try this please let me know I want to see how different you can do ?


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 29, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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