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Space invasion

A space invasion of small meteorite that CNN reported is in Illinois and kind of close (two hrs) to where I live. Reading this my initial top 10 reactions were –

  1. Is it really what they say or some alien.
  2. Why alien? May be I have this movie memory , coincidentally last weekend Sony channel aired ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ a Hrithik Roshan’s acted movie where he made friendship with outer space object.
  3. Okay if it’s not UFO, What if this object is bigger?
  4. The time 9.30 PM is when meteorite striked earth, this is the time I usually return from my MBA school or go to Blockbuster to pick up movie, and my car should have got damaged easily. Does my car insurance cover all these kinds of damages?
  5. If it had happened at my house I should have easily went after my noisy neighbor thinking he should have purposefully threw stones at my house because of older rivalry.
  6. It should have easily made a bigger hole in the window that it hit considering its size and think of costs of replacing that window.
  7. How to temporarily mask the window so as not to make an easy entry for bugs.
  8. Can I sue some body for this?
  9. Is satellite that was sent to space exploded?
  10. Does this incident leads to too much of media or press attention that I should avoid ?

Well nothing happened and I’m back to real world.I’ll leave that into able hands of scientists and hope they don’t come back and say that all Illinois residents at all times should be wearing helmets to protect themselves from striking meteorites.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 7, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

0 Responses to Space invasion

  1. Kalyan says:

    Haa looks like as commented in you tube “Turns out it was not a meteorite- it came from a wood chipper machine 300 yards away.”

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