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Tendlya is best in crucial matches

Tendlya is best in crucial matches says one ardent fan ‘Amit Goyal’ of Orkut community.
Tendulkar is always criticized for bagging records for name sake in trivial matches.
This ardent fan proves that every one is wrong by doing some statistics on crucial matches.
He goes on deciding the criteria of crucial matches as -Crucial matches are those in which the situation is of type “do and die”.

In his opinion there are some type of crucial matches.
1. final
2. semi final
3. quarter final
4. when the series is of 7 matches and u are equal by 3-3 then the seventh match is crucial
5. etc. etc.

Sachin career:

matches: 374
runs: 14537
half century:74
more than 50: 114

Crucial match career

matches: 103
half centuries: 23
more than 50: 39

There is criticism too that criteria selected for crucial matches is biased, but fact is that as much as we hate Sachin we love him equally and I some how feel Tendlya will make his bat answer and shut the mouth of whining Indian fans.

6+4=10dulkar show us your best world cup ever performance.
Lets put Tendulkar to test as next two matches are very crucial to India to be in the world cup.If he isn’t turned up any performance we stick him up with ‘Not a match winner’ title.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 19, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

0 Responses to Tendlya is best in crucial matches

  1. Kanthu says:

    Hi Amit,
    This sis srikanth. Tendulkar as a cricketer is excellent and the point risen here is about crucial matches and the statistics provided by you seem to be more on the negative side.
    My analysis on the statistics provided by you.
    As per your criteria out of 103 crucial matches only 39 times he succeeded to score more than 50 runs. for me success for batsmen is scoring over 50 runs. here Sachins success rate is 37%(39 out of 103) in crucial matches and as per sachins calibre i would treat this as very low.

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