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As Life Goes Digital

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All about Twitter

Twitter is nothing but micro blogging and follow me kind of social networking useful for close-knit groups.The beauty of it is you can use your IM or cellphone or web to send tweets.This integration makes it a powerful social networking.The guys in that group will be able to easily track your status.
One practical real life example I can think of for Twitter is for admin assistants for corporate executives who can update executive status to the remaining managers of whereabouts at micro level for proper re-scheduling of delayed or postponed meetings.Twitter makes it possible by broadcasting the executive updates message via adman’s cell phone to Twitter group.So more productive communication.
On a lighter note it would help to track team India (Indian Cricketers) like where they are heading after the loss to Sri Lanka and how each player is spending days after their exit from world cup if we belong to Twitter group of Dravid or Sachin or Sehwag.

Here is the extensive 46 minutes video of Twitter –


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 27, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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