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Uthappa and Uthappam

Uthappa – South India cricket player who failed to perform in first two matches of world cup.
Uthappam – These are lentil and rice based south India pan cakes, often made from left over sour dosai batter

Let us try to know about Uthappa and Uthappam together. Both are comparable in many ways.Read green font together for dish – Uthappam and for cricket player read everything that is not in the braces plus the green font outisde the braces.

Uthappa(m) is south Indian cricket player (a dosa-like dish) who is part of Indian team for world cup 2007 ( made by cooking ingredients in a batter). The batter plays irresponsible shots and his temperament that has come under question and stopped him from claiming higher honours and is made of a 1:3 (ratio of urad dal and rice – 1:1 ratio of boiled to non-boiled rice that has been fermented making it like a crispy crepe) clicks i.e, he clicks in one match out of every three matches he plays.Instead of understanding or reading pitch situation, Uthappa (m) is thick skinned (and not filled, with ingredients cooked right into the) batter. Uthappa (m) is usually (made with tomatoes or an onion-chilli mix; other common ingredient choices are coconut or mixed vegetables) been attractive to watch, hard-hitting, with every shot in the book, unafraid to hit the ball in the air. Uthappa(m) (is sometimes called an Indian pizza or pancake) one win against India ‘A’ team that won him a place instead of Virender Sehwag in the final one-dayer against England early in 2006

I know I did a very bad job in making you understand ‘Uthappa’ so humbly I dedicate this to Uthappa and Indian team selectors for trying out him for world cup lol


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