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West Indies VS. Pakistan game review

All round performance both in batting and bowling from host country costed a match for our neighbour.

Pakistan bowling looked far better in restricting runs for first 40 plus overs and then missed totally in the last couple of overs.Rao Iftikhar (pic. to the left) of Pakistan was impressive in this match with his statistics.Pakistan batting looked much and much weaker right the time innings were opened by Imran and Hafeez, Hafeez never looked confident and Imran never gave us chance by getting out in third ball after lunch.My bets were on these two openers and Younis and I just stopped watching game when these three batsman were out.

Turning point of the game is (pic to the left)Smith with his 16 runs in 48th over and three crucial wickets of Pakistan (Inzi, Yousaf and Kamran).WestIndies fielding was good today as I saw Chris Gayle who usually doesn’t did some excellent saves.Lara must be happiest captain with his brillaint start his team gave with this all round performance opener.

Want expert review find review of today’s (WI vs. Pak) match by Aspi at Cricket Riff Raff.

Team India do scientific study of the pitches and teams and its player as we never know who we meet in semi finals or finals.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 14, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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