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What happened to Cricket?

“What happened to Cricket?” Cricket used to be about the competition and who was the best, but now as the nation gets more violent and dysfunctional, everything good becomes bad with one lost match with nasty words, attitudes and violence.

Sport is sport and it should be respected whatever the outcome of the game even if India looses cricket match against minnow team like Bangladesh.Had we lost match against the superior team than India, Did fans do the same thing ? Probably yes if it costed us entry into next phase of the cup. These unruly fans should consider if they believe that they are sending the correct image of the cricket game that we love more than anything to the rest of the world.

See below unruly fan’s reaction when India lost to Bangladesh on Saturday:

Each year for the past few years we have witnessed behaviors escalating dangerously toward destruction, and by doing so ruining what once was game for people to enjoy and talk about and cheer on their sports in a civilized manner.

This all evidently seems to get media attention via short cut.Criticism is part of the game but should not cross its limits.Such a message will be difficult to propagate, given the overflowing effluence emerging from attachment people is having with this game.Even kids can’t play a sport for fun without parents intruding and causing brawls all over little league sports.

Is there a solution for this problem ? May be NO, I don’t think that sports can ever go back just being competition.I hope at least few behave like grown up adults and teach other about what sports is all about.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 19, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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