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Yeh cup hamka de de Dravid

Update: Dravid – “Yeh Bangla series hamka de de Dravid”

Role play of Hindi blockbuster Sholay fame Gabbar Singh by India Cricket Fans ( Fans are as cruel and harsh as Gabbar) with Team India

India Fans : kitne adme the?

Team India :Gyarah sarkar (Meaning :Eleven of us sir)

India Fans: Our Woh (Meaning :How many were they)

Team India :Gyarah sarkaar(Meaning :Eleven of them ,sir)

India Fans:Thum Gyarah our woh Gyarah ,Phirbe ayye kalli haath.Kya samjehe ,Sardar kush hoga sabashi dega kyun.(Meaning :Eleven of you and they too eleven of them ,still came back emptyhanded.What do you think sir(India)will be happy,will give you accolades)

India Fans: Ab tera kya hoga re Team India (meaning: Now what will happen to you Team India)

India Fans
: Jo darr gaya samjho mar gaya (meaning: He who is afraid is dead)

India Fans: India fans ke taap se tumhe ek hi aadmi bacha sakta hai, ek hi aadmi, khud India fans. (meaning: Only one man can save you from India fan’s anger, only one man, India fan’s themselves)

India Fans: Yeh cup hamka de de Dravid. (meaning: Give me this Cup, Dravid)


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 12, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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