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As Life Goes Digital

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Baltimore Aquarium

This is my first post of my travelogue where I’ll be discovering my own photo skills and at same time knowledge sharing with the blog readers on my travel photos.

In year 2000, I visited Baltimore Aquarium – This is my first ever ‘dolphins show’.
Dolphins are relatively easy to train to perform tricks, Bottlenose Dolphins are the most commonly found performing dolphin in Aquariums.
Here is the picture taken at Baltimore Aquarium with Dolphins diving to the tune of music and with instructor ring tricks.

Baltimore Aquarium

Housing more than 11,000 creatures, the Baltimore Aquarium exhibits a variety of species in their naturalistic habitats. You’ll find animals such as stingrays, sharks, sea turtles, bullfrogs, phytoplankton, monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and puffins. The list is perpetual so you have to check the exhibits out for yourself. You can also catch an up-close view of dolphins as they leap and tumble with the Baltimore Aquarium trainers in the live-action Dolphin Show.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 21, 2007 | Categories: Travel

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