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Blockbuster rental money saving tips

Here are some of latest Blockbuster money saving deals.

  1. Blockbuster is running a promotion snack card deal.Card costs $5.99 and is good for a free – soda, candy or popcorn up to $1.99 in value, one per day for 30 days.For $5.99 you can get a free snack with every movie Remember it’s good for one snack a day, it expires 30 days after you buy the card.
  2. Blockbuster rental rain checks – This is totally hit or miss kind of deal.Try this go to BB on late Saturday or Sunday evenings.Locate shelfs for gauranteed in stock or free on us DVD place holders.Make sure there are no DVDs and go ask for that DVD.Most likely BB will not have it.The reason on Sunday evenings is that the renters usually return Friday rentals late in the night.BB will write you a rental check for that movie that you can rent it once in next 30 days.This way I saved $3.99 for each new DVD rental.
  3. Blockbuster online members get 20% off on candy, soda, and popcorn at all times in store
  4. Free Xbox Live Gold Membership 48-Hour Trial Offer Expires 04/30/07. Receive a free 48-Hour Xbox Live® Gold Trial card with the rental of any Xbox 360 game.
  5. Free for 1 month trial:

Blockbuster Friends and Family Code too
Promo Code : 1285ta
Website :

Netflix Free for 1 month.
Website :
Netflix 1 month free promotion code: 80004745.


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