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MTV spoof -"Don't touch my balls" – Tendulkar

April 20 – Update : Tendulkar dropped from Bangladesh ODIs but will play in tests.
(I’m a sachin fan and who in India is not ..Lets hope this resting of him makes him think and practise to play his natural sachin cricket)

April 6
– When we wake up tomorrow to TGIF, BCCI decides the fate of team India.
Remember the ‘bad’ Friday when we are shamefully exited from world cup 2007, the board is meeting now on ‘Good Friday’ – April 6 2007 to do again one more useless never ending pursuits of searching for a strong Indian team. We are going to Bangladesh better board scrap the existing minnows of team India.

Tendulkar says “Don’t touch my balls” and will see if board hears it ….

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Here is the direct link for all MTV aila innings – (Thanks to avaksi@IndianPad)


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