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Proteans Clobber English , English are out of world cup cricket 2007

Dude… England is out of world cup cricket 2007.

Dude.. I stopped watching world cup cricket after team India exited,Recently I know English are not playing their invented cricket these days but thought English are a lot better team than Team India SO give me one non Cricket reason for English loosing todays game against RSA?

Dude its got to do some thing with the DRINKS break.

Right after the drinks break this is how live commentary went:

“Drinks are on the field now

32.4 Kallis to Strauss, THATS OUT!! Caught!!
33.5 Hall to Collingwood, THATS OUT!! LBW!!
35.1 Hall to Flintoff, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!
35.6 Hall to Nixon, THATS OUT!! Caught!!
37.1 Hall to Mahmood, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!
Hall is on a hattrick

Eng took ten runs and gave five wickets to Proteans.ENG scored 154 runs in 48 overs.

SA has come back strongly in this match with their excellent bowling plan to prove that they are not a team to take lightly. South Africa was in the driving seat from the beginning of the match. Superb captaincy by Graeme Smith today, He got his coveted gift of KP Pietersen wicket today. [Pietersen was born in RSA and played quite a bit of cricket there. He had to shift to England because of the quota system in the RSA cricket team selection pattern. This shift of Pietersen has always caused a war of words between him and many protean players, especially, Graeme Smith]. What a day for Smith and worst day for Pietersen – KP caught Smith bowled Nel. Right before KP is out, There are thirteen South African born Players on the field and may be number ‘thirteen’ resulted in bad luck to ENG.ENG progress in WC 2007 is disappointing as we saw ENG struggling even with minnows – Did they deserve to be here in super eight?

Once again ENG hopes were on Collinwood as Collinwood and Strauss are two last best at the crease that ENG can rely on. For ENG to reach semis, ENG very well knew that they must beat RSA today and if needed beat WI too on the last day of Super 8s. Partnership between these two started building and on the other side RSA put good pressure on ENG in restricting the run rate to just 3/over.As predicted once Strauss and Collingwood were out ENG did not last long.

Flintoff is not at all in the form; only notable series from him was Ashes 2005 and after that it is just hype and he needs to regain his form so as to stay with English team. Bopara maintained his calm and coolness to drag ENG to a respectable total of 154.

Turing point of the game is Hall (pic to the left) who took crucial ENG wickets of Strauss, Collingwood and Flintoff. Not to forget an economical bowling spell from Pollock who gave just 17 runs in 10 overs.

SA batters is not doing good in WC2007. But this match de Villiers and Smith laid foundation and made this match one-sided in favor of RSA. With this match looks like besides winning, RSA just wanted to bump up their NRR to avoid any curse factor which will prevent them to be in semis.

RSA finished the match in less than 20 overs, Won by nine wickets.
RSA cemented their place in semis.

How does order looks like for semi finals:
The Semis Line-up is 1.AUS, 2.NZ, 3.SL and 4.RSA.
Remote chance for WI vanished as England needs to beat RSA and WI to beat England and Bangladesh with a good run rate.

Looks like will be a repeat of WC1999, Aus vs. RSA semis. Hope RSA does not fail this time.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 17, 2007 | Categories: 2007 World Cup, Cricket

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