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England stopped West Indies team in a thriller

Finally witnessed one of the very few good matches of this world cup 2007.

Good cricket by West Indies.Gayle fired quick runs and stole the Lara farewell fireworks.Looked at one time that Lara may not get a chance to bat by the way Gayle and slow batting by Smith.I thought Lara who came in at 25 overs would finish his career in a style but got run out for a small score.Samuels called the shots for the run and made WI captain to get run out.Lara getting out in this match is Samuels mistake. Samuels patched up later with his quick 50.Collingwood’s superb catch of the world cup dismissed Smith.Here is Aspi’s catch description in detail. A good score by WI of 300 for England to chase.

Vaughan at last in the last super eight game played good captain innings of 79.Target was defendable,a bit of patience with singles or two’s would have been less riskier for England to keep up the six/over run rate.Many risky shots played by players at very crucial junuctures that swinged the match both ways.Pieterson added one more ton to his records.Did England ever win when KP scores a ton? Nixon’s brave innings switched the match to English side at one stage,But fluctuation continued between England and WI until the end.where did this end? Last over Match is with England, Equation is that four runs required of last over. What a decision by Lara to give last over to Bravo.As we all know Bravo did the trick previously in favor of WI by dismissing Yuvraj in similar situations.Bravo gave a sweet ‘clean bowled’ gift of Nixon to Lara.Match swinged to WI favor.

Need three balls two runs one wicket.
Need two balls two runs one wicket.
Two runs by England.
England won the match by one wicket.

A thriller match farewelled Lara.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 21, 2007 | Categories: 2007 World Cup, Cricket

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