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England was choked to full throttle by Bangladesh

Bangladesh is no more a minnow, Vaughan should have told himself after today’s match.

England won the match today against Bangladesh with utmost difficult chasing a paltry total of 143 and consuming almost 45 overs.Three experienced (previously captained ) players in the team Vaughan , Strauss and Flintoff,but still a Pathetic situation that highest scorer in this match is Vaughan with a meagre score of 30.I’m happy that Man of The Match (MOM) was not given to highest England scorer Vaughan but instead the panel selected Sajid Mahmood who took early wickets and crippled the Banglas in making a decent score.

Bowling seems to be in control most of times in England favor but batting by English showed signs of panic.Almost three maiden overs from Bangladesh in last overs put tons of pressure on English.With onerous struggle Collingwood and Nixon were able to push off this win in England’s favor.

This pushes England NRR down the drain and is now virtually out of semis.With them follows Bangladesh, WI and Ireland.This game put Banglas out of semis unless some miracles happen.All credit for great Bangla team for getting into super eights and then shocking SA with 67 runs.This match would have gone in Banglas favor if they had played out all 50 overs instead of 37 overs.But sure I believe they will learnt their lesson today and will take this home to emerge as a champions in next few years.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 11, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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