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The BCCI statement

Good that India exited world cup soon which gave good insights into aging problems of Indian cricket.

As expected if not lot of concrete decisions but it is a good sign that board did take into consideration the feed back from Chappel.The biggest problem I see is that board still did not make clear accountability of responsibilities.

Why we cannot use international expertise in selecting team for India ?

Will three coaches theme work for team India ?

Sponsors should not monetize the game, Does board’s new restrictions on endorsements can prevent this?

Here is my take on each one of BCCI statements

The BCCI statement:

  • With a view to strengthen domestic cricket, efforts will be made to ensure that all Test and ODI cricketers play in the Irani Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Challenger series and some Ranji Trophy Matches.
    • “MUST play” clause should have been put instead of “efforts made to ensure” – Understood when players are playing international matches and making players play too many domestic and international cricket will give more and more fitness problems.Striking a right balance will be challenge to the board, let us see how this statement is fulfilled.

  • Every Association will be directed to prepare fast and lively wickets for domestic tournaments.
  • It is high time that they do it to get away from Indian pitches.
  • BCCI will do away with Home and Away rotation and allot venues for Irani Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Ranji Trophy semi-finals and final and One day All India Knockout.
  • Board is getting into control of domestic cricket is a good sign.
  • It was decided that all affiliated units should start their own State Academies by April 2009. These Academies would be linked to the National Cricket Academy for the purpose of uniformity in coaching.
  • Grass root levels improvisation at state level will promote more cricketing talent
  • It was decided to scrap the present Zonal representation in the Senior and Junior Selection Committees. BCCI will appoint Selectors on a full time basis based upon the eligibility criteria which would include stature as a player, selection experience etc. They will be remunerated suitably and appointed for a two year term. BCCI will take steps to propose necessary amendments to the Constitution to give effect to the above decision.
  • As written in post mortem by Chappel, This will help to some extent repair the damage in selection committee but why don’t we just not only use local India talent but also international talent in selection decisions?
  • Regular and frequent Under – 19 and India ‘A’ tours to Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa and West Indies will be undertaken.
  • Make players adopt to international pitches and this exposure should definitely help if these players play for India.
  • The Working Committee has directed the Selection Committee to send a young team to Bangladesh under an experienced captain. The selection committee after discussions has appointed Rahul Dravid as captain for India tour to Bangladesh, Ireland and England.
  • Now that Bangladesh is strong team beating South Africa, this series will be a challenging experiment for board and the inexperienced captain.(Inexperienced in the sense having wins for India)
  • BCCI will appoint a permanent manager for the Indian Team for a two year term. The Board will also appoint a permanent Media Manager for a two year term.
  • Good that India exited from world cup that made this full time position opened but we have to wait and see how Shastri fits into this managerial role.
  • Notice will be issued to Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh under Rule 38 of the Memorandum and the Rules and Regulations of the Board asking for an explanation for their comments made to the Media.
  • Media hype and false hopes will be reduced by this way.penalise both of them.
  • The Working Committee approved the Performance based Payment to the players and decided to do away with the present gradation for Retainership. Apart from the payment, the following points would form a part of the contract.
  • Pay for performance – Isn’t the rumor that cricketers always felt these are pennies as they get more money in brand endorsements.
  • A player will endorse not more than 3 sponsors or products. No Sponsor can contract more than 2 players. The players will not be allowed to do any sponsor related events 15 days before the tour and also during the tour.
  • WOW .. Remember the brand endorsements by team India. Each Indian cricketer had tons of brand endorsement and this is leading to more of making greedy money and less of playing cricket.Play one super innings and get away with brand money is always a big sin that team India is facing with.
  • Before every tour, all the contracted players have to undergo a fitness test and only those who fulfill the benchmarks will be considered for selection.
  • No more tennis elbow work around, If a player is fit he will make it to the team
  • No player shall have exclusive contracts with electronic or print media. Only the captain can write a column or talk to the media but not exclusively.
  • Press is dangerous some times as the one that creates heroes and make them zeroes the very second, Only captain having access might reduce these risks.
  • The players shall take prior approval of the Board before signing any endorsement contract and will submit a copy
    of the agreement to the Board. All the players shall submit a copy of the existing contracts with sponsors to the Board.
  • Hope this don’t become a formality stint of just an FYI before going for endorsements.
  • All the players will have to play a stipulated number of Domestic matches when not playing for India.
  • Let us see
  • In the event of injury to the player, the Board will compensate him the match fees that he would have earned for a maximum period of six months.
  • Short term disabilities…
  • The Working Committee decided to form a Cricket Advisory committee consisting of the following ex-captains: Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, M A K Pataudi, Chandu Borde, Ravi Shastri, Krish Srikkanth, S Venkataraghavan under the chairmanship of BCCI president Sharad Pawar and will include all the office bearers of the Board.
  • Make them accountable and not for a formality
  • The working committee appointed Ravi Shastri as the manager for the India’s tour to Bangladesh next month. It was further decided that Venkatesh Prasad will be the Bowling coach and Robin Singh, the fielding coach for the tour.
  • With three coaches stepping into one another domain might become a issue?


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 8, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

0 Responses to The BCCI statement

  1. Devendra says:

    Please send my letter to the President of the BCCI.

    The President,

    In the aftermath of the debacle of India in the World Cup, the board has come up with so many good ideas and these are most welcome. Congratulations. These decisions will go a long way help India regain its pride.

    But, a few things have not been understood well.

    Chappel has proved utter failure and has actually destroyed the team but it looks he has been rewarded. Why? Why should we still praise people with white skin?

    Chappel and other experts have been feeling for years that opening in one day game is important and a crucial job. In an interview Greg has now told that opening is not so important and middle over are (His remarks over Sachin). Chappel has always been so confused but good in making reports on paper. While going he recommended to keep Dravid as Captain and you agreed.

    A failure in captaincy, who could not keep the team together, who could not take right decisions, who has proven record of prejudice and pride has been kept as a captain so he has also been rewarded for the failures.

    If someone was most responsible for the failure in the world cup, it was Chappel and Dravid and both have been rewarded.

    While Sachin and Yuvraj have been given notice for the press comments, why did you leave Chappel, Sehwag (who has been writing columns and saying me me me always) other senior players, Sourabh, and even Dravid on that account. You people have failed to take good decision in this regard. FAILURES ARE REWARDED AND IT IS AGAIN IMPORTANT FOR THE BOARD TO BE THEIR FAVOURITE AND THOSE WHO RAISE VOICES ARE REMOVED. THIS IS SHREWED POLITICS. By giving notice to Sachin and Yuvraj, the board has played with the sentiments of crores of people.


    We would like to believe that the Board has not behaved reasonable and being President, you are responsible for these poor decisions.

    Please try to correct yourself. We would like to be proud of our President and his good work but by this action you have proved otherwise.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely
    A Cricket Lover
    Devendra Kumar
    Indore, India

  2. Kalyan says:

    WOW .. Devendra very nice points..I strongly wish BCCI reads this…

    My take on your letter:
    IMO Chappel is not rewarded but some of his views are taken into account which I feel is correct and Dravid is given another chance which I did not appreciate but who else in the team is right for this job ? Sachin , No way I want him to least worried of captaincy responsibilities and would like to see improve his game and come back as our master blaster.He is a gifted player who is not playing cricket now a days.
    I support strongly that players should not meddle with media as media can intrepret and create fals e image for players itself.So what ever is done for Sachin and Yuvraj is a right thing.

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