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As Life Goes Digital

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How babies see the world as they grew

How does my new born baby see the world? How far can she see?

What size objects can My 1 month baby See?

How Blurry is Blurry my 2 months baby’s vision is?

“When can my baby see colors?”

This is because their eyes might be attracted by the brightness, the darkness, or the contrast of an object against its surroundings, and not by the color alone.
Infants’ color vision is not likely to be as rich and sensitive as adult color vision since the receptors and nerves in the eye that are most sensitive to color (again, in the fovea) are not yet mature.

TinyEyes will show you how a baby sees an image as she grows visually…

From newborn to fourweeks to eights weeks to three months to six months to beyond

Four WeeksEight Weeks
three Months
Six Months
Nine Months


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