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How using third party OEM products can save you tons of money?

Here is how I saved money in Motorola e815 model cell phone battery by buying OEM battery instead of original battery (from manufacturer with warranties).

My wife’s Motorola e815 model cell phone stopped working and this is the phone we bought it from Verizon with one year service last year.The phone when started gives us just ‘Hello Moto’ screen and switches off.We started guessing what might be wrong, our fist few guesses – charger problem, battery problems and possibilty of my 8 month old baby wetting the cell phone by putting it in her mouth.Charger problem is ruled out as we tested with other charger.Battery is been one year old and Google search resulted in many of similar problems with this model of cell phone.We have no way to find out battery issues unless we take it to store or buy one e815 cell phone battery.The last guess that our 8 month old daughter has been putting everything she can hold into her mouth and drooling a lot for two months now. She’s teething. and probably still cutting teeth and trying textures feel of all objects.

I called Verizon and found that I’ll not be eligible for phone replacements as my contract for phone expired.The rep asked me to take the cell phone to nearest Verizon service center to find the exact problem with the phone.I didn’t tell him about my baby wetting the cell phone.The service center rep as soon as saw this problem told me that some ‘red’ dot indicator near battery (when you open battery cover) notifies that cell phone is in contact with water because of rain or snow.He verified if battery died by replacing it with new battery.New battery worked and cell phone started working again.Rep recommended instead of buying a 40$ battery asked me to go for a new cell phone as it might be a cheaper option.Also he was sure that root cause of problem is water and battery replacement may not long laster.

Two options either buy battery for 40$ or a new contract of free phone (or 50$ for upscale phones) with 2 year Verizon contract.
I don’t want to spend 50$ and specially a two year contract.In searching for cheaper batteries, I found from eBay tons of OEM batteries for this model and they are just 3 or 4$. I wanted to give it a try and ordered one of those OEM batteries with shipping it came to 7$.When I replaced the battery and charged cell phone overnight, the phone started working again.Its been two days and we looks like OEM battery option worked out well for us.I saved 33$.

So what’s an OEM product? Is it reliable to use?

It is a product from a manufacturer (Like Sam sung or Motorola) that is sold without the retail packaging to system integrators and retailers (like eBay or some other suppliers) for purchase in or with a completed package. Often they are sold in larger lots or groups to help reduce the costs to the company using the parts for integration.

An example of these differences between an OEM and retail battery. The retail version is often referred to as a kit because it includes installation instructions, warranty cards and any other packages used to help install the battery. The OEM version of the battery will only include the battery in a sealed anti-static bag with no other materials.

My opinion for products like batteries which are accessories, it is worth using OEM products.For accessories if you have a choice do search if OEM products are available.I used OEM batteries for Samsung land line 5.8 GHtz phones and it worked out cost wise.

In these two instances I saved around 60$ by going for OEM products.


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