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Illinois House passes handset lemon law


The Illinois House passed a cellphone lemon law, a measure that would allow consumers with defective handsets to break wireless service contracts without penalty.

Under the bill, subscribers whose cellphones must be repaired or replaced as a result of mechanical or manufacturing defects three times or more can cancel their service contracts without having to pay an early termination fees. Such charges range between $150 and $200 per line.

What is a lemon law ?

Lemon law is explained as a law obligating manufactures to repair, replace, or refund the price of motor vehicles that prove to be defective. The lemon law is designed to protect consumers that purchase new vehicles. All fifty states in the United States have lemon laws, but each state has different principles and procedures.

Why is this lemon law news good for cell phones ?? First getting out of those long term contracts is possible now with this option.Remember I blogged about defective battery and using OEM products.The carrier provider just recommended me for extension of existing phone service without actually analyzing the mechanical or manufacturing defect of the cell phone.In my case battery replacement worked but what if cell phone itself is defective, I have no option but go for new phone and new 2 years plus service.Advantages of this law for all these cases is NOW I CAN SHOP AROUND FOR OTHER CHEAPER SERVICES ONCE MY CELL PHONE IS DEAD.

Usually cell phone carrier providers will give you phone warranty plan that one needs to buy with a monthly fee of 5 or more dollars that is another option of replacement of cell phone by the carrier providers.NOW WITH THIS LAW THERE IS NO NEED OF PAYING THAT FIVE DOLLARS MONTHLY FEE.HERE WE GO SOME SAVINGS.

If other US states too implement this then it puts all consumers in driving seat as now carrier providers (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile,Cingular) are taking consumers for a ride with these contracts.

Remember the law “keep the current number” for any carrier is made mandatory by US similarly I hope this also gets implemented at national level helping all those disgruntled contract caged customers.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 29, 2007 | Categories: Deals

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