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Minnows 101 – How to play cricket ? By Ireland

Ireland has surprised themselves again.

This match is supposed to be played between India vs. Pakistan if they have made it to super eight.Seeing this match for the first time I felt Indian or Pakistani team did not deserve and rightfully exited for good.Indian and Pak fans must be thinking the same about this game who went to Caribbean and probably got a good return of their ‘tickets’ and ‘hotel’ money.

Remember Australia skipper Ricky Ponting made light of India’s early exit from the World Cup, saying they did not deserve to be in the Super Eights.

Who is better ? Bangladesh or Ireland ?
Bangladesh played many international games than Ireland.since Ireland is underdog, Banglas will feel the pressure of winning.

Banglas as guessed faced problem with five left-hand batsmen of IRE by conceiving too many loose runs to lefties.Porterfield (pic. below) proving himself a very good international class player with a excellent knock of 85.O’Brien’s quick 48 off 44 balls added much required scoring boost of 243 for 7 against Bangladesh.Ireland’s weakness is spin and they were able to tackle Bangla’s(rafique) spin very well and which managed them to score near 250.

Irish made banglas sweat.Banglas tried hard changing bowlers to break partnerships and were unsuccessful.Looks like when Ireland qualified for super eight, they have done productive homework against Bangladesh.After getting thrashed by Australia the Irish captain said that their target is beating Bangladesh.

This match is quite a important one for Banglas as to have any luck to reach semis as if they beat Irish and WI and with other teams fate.Banglas had a chance to exceed Eng NRR.A score of 243 is totally defend able by Banglas.Bangladesh chased 248 and won against Australia in a bouncy pitch like this.The pitch looked like a complete batting pitch,Ashraful,Iqbal, Aftab are the batsman that Irish should be watching for.

Early wickets by Irish turned things upside down for Banglas.Iqbal looks like he tried his best to get out (he tried many time with his reckless shots) knowing that others are getting out he and other bangla players should have maintained calmness in batting.Johnston finally got Iqbal for an yorker when Iqbal tried to go for another big one.

This match was a test for Bangladesh about how much they have progressed.They fell asusual like the sub continent cricket teams not playing in pressured times prey.Banglas chances in this game finished when Ashraful got out.I hoped that Bashar will play a captain’s knock today. As helpless Dravid in SL match Bashar was just a dumb spectator watched Bangla loose the match.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 15, 2007 | Categories: 2007 World Cup, Cricket

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