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Okay being from Hyderabad, Its a shame on my part that I did not do a single post on Hyderabad.
Her is one short post to start with ….

So as we say once a Hyderabadi, always a Hyderabadi and the hyderabadis slang is nothing but a humorous platter of Hindi, Urdu , Telugu (mostly Telengana) and English in a hyderabadi way …..

Mostly heard Hyderabadi slang …

maakkikirkiri deemaagh gitla karab ayindha… houley parashan nakko kar..
nakraal bhaairi ajeeb eakhdhum
kyaa potti hai baap aiseech nakko baigan ke baal…
chichaaa kaaiku chindi choronka katham jestha bidda
kali pili dimag kaiku karab karaha miya baingan kee baatha ijjat poyindira falthoo

Hyderbad pictures slide show from youtube :


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 7, 2007 | Categories: Uncategorized

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