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South Africa top order crumbled – Australia into Finals

Exept winning the toss, South Africa failed in all departments of the game today.
We very well know historically SA leaves the world cup in an unusual ways mostly curse factor. This time the exit is normal.

Score was 27/5 after 10 overs , Can any one imagine SA can perform this badly ? I totally disagree with the fact that it is that Australia to be blamed because they play excellent cricket.Remember you cannot just blame sun for the heat.It is its natural process and one has to find ways to escape from its heat.
The only team in this tournament SA other than SL I felt can tolerate this heat stroke.

The first ten overs decided the match in favor of unstoppable Aussie.

9.5 McGrath to Boucher, OUT
9.4 McGrath to Prince, OUT
8.5 Shaun Tait to de Villiers, OUT
5.3 McGrath to Kallis, OUT
2.3 Bracken to Smith, OUT

Glenn McGrath, the front runner for the Player of the Tournament with 12 points broke strong top order of RSA.

In this world Cup so far the right teams have made it to the Semi finals.Yesterday we witnessed that the psycological advantage side of Sri Lanka winning the berth to finals between New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

Today it is totally different.South Africa surrendered to Australia helplessly.

Proteans were deeeeeeeeeeeeeep in trouble and never recovered after first 10 overs.Who would saves the day for SA? It is not Gibbs.He is just a man of records.
Kemp is the one who played in crisis situation like he did previously with India [ When SA were reeling at 76/6 Justin Kemp and Andrew Hall orchestrated a remarkable comeback, and then the usual story, Team India choked and lost that match by 106 runs].

Kemp resticted Aus bowlers and gave decent fight for a decent total of 149.

Once SA batting is over match was totally one sided dominated by Australia.
Australia’s Gilchrist struggled even in this match to regain his form.

All credit goes to McGrath and Tait for giving early match victory to Australia.
Can Murali, Vaas and Sanath of SL repeat 1996 and stop Ozzies ? I doubt.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 25, 2007 | Categories: 2007 World Cup, Cricket

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