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Who will win first semi finals of world cup cricket 2007?

Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand
Both teams showed tremendous game over game improvement to reach this stage.If Flemming, Styris and McMillan doesn’t hit big with bat tomorrow NZ will have a very tough day.NZ were lucky with the match against RSA where three catches of one from Styris and Two off Fleming is being dropped which turned match into their favor.
Patel was very economical in few matches and let us see if he restricts Sanath Jayasurya.McMillan did the bowling trick for Men in black in RSA match.NZ is a committed team like a team with no real big stars but committed players.

SL should improve their top batting order to have any chances to continue their winning streak in the semi finals and finals.Tharanga’s poor form continues and his batting average is 14.00 with just 125 runs in this world cup. Only Jaya Surya and Mahila is having excellent run so far for SL in this world cup with 351 runs.SL just needed 2 or 3 big partnerships that would turn match to their side.Experienced players are there to pull team out of crisis .Maharoof if picked for semi finals is another crucial bowler that NZ should be looking for besides Murali, Vaas and Malinga.

I have listed here very few of basic strengths and weaknesses for each team.

Sri Lanka:
Previous World Champions
Good Bowling side (Murali, Vaas, Malinga and Maharoof)
Sanath,Silva and Mahila the best with the bat and are in form.
Not a stronger batting team.

New Zealand:
Strengths –
Styris is in superb form.Oram and McMillan are next players to watch out for.
Bond first spell dangerous for Sri Lanka top order which is weak.
Team makes more runs in the middle and slog overs
Never made it to finals.
Lost to Srilanka in Super Eights.
For bowling highly dependable on Bond and Vettori.


Who will win first semi finals of world cup cricket 2007? See yourself others results and your results by casting your vote below. {Not for any research just to see how others are selecting the semi finalists}

Enjoy the match!


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