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Super Eights standings as of today

We are now into ten days of Super Eights. Here are team satndings. New Zealand tops the list but they have yet to play with other three big teams in World Cup – Australia, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Day 10 Analysis:

Remember that Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and West Indies all carried over two points from group matches.

Chances are highly likely that New Zealand and West Indies will slide the charts making Australia, SouthAfrica and Srilanka to top in the order.

My favorites are South Africa this year but looks like the way they played with Sri Lanka specially in Malinga’s bowling I have doubts if they can go to finals.

Here are reminder of some rules and as in 1992 hope SA didn’t get beating from any of rain rules.

Some Rules:
Each team will be given two points for every win, with one for a tie or a no-result.

If more than one team ties on points for fourth-placed, the following tie-break rules apply


– Team with the most wins
– Team with best net run-rate
– Team with most wickets taken per balls bowled
– Winner of the game between two level teams
– Draw of lots

The team with the most wins goes through, but net run-rate — including all matches played in the competition — is the next and most likely factor to split the sides.

In the unlikely event that there are identical net run rates, the team with the most wickets taken per balls bowled would win through.


The team that finishes first in the Super Eight stage will play the team which finished fourth. Second will play third.

The weather

  • There is a reserve day for every match at the World Cup. Every effort will be made to complete the match on the scheduled day with any necessary reduction in overs taking place.
  • Only if the minimum number of overs (20 per side) cannot be bowled on the scheduled day will the match be completed on the reserve day. Any incomplete matches will be continued the next day from where they left off – a new game will not be started.


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