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Technology, Cricket, Deals, Immigration etc … subscription cancellation is a ripoff

Over last Christmas holidays we decided to add new Telugu channel MAA TV to our viewing list as DISH does not air this channel and we wanted to see the TV serials, movies as MAA TV is popular in AP. We saw the $9.99 per monthly paypal fee on TeluguTV.Net and thought it was a little high, but figured it would be a nice time pass as we are getting totally vexed with monotonous Gemini shows.

If you notice, nowhere on that site does it say that canceling this monthly package terms and policies. Assuming if we don’t like we thought we will just cancel the subscription.

Subscription started in Dec 18′ 2006 and right away deducted $9.99. What would any one think IF I have to cancel my subscription then I would do this around 15, 16 or 17 th of month so as to fully utilize the month charges.

The whole experience was quite disappointing. While the streaming worked few days on and off, the cost of $9.99 per month was just far too high compared to our utilization rate of the website. Probably I thought my internet bandwidth speed was the problem but other websites that I subscribe like was just fine. Most likely their website infrastructure was not able to support the huge number of visitors. We spent most of our time in viewing that buffering messages below the video player. We decided after suffering these for four months on and off and do not want to pay that much for that little.

On April 16 I initiated cancellation of service and I got subsequent mails asking my paypal ID. On the same day I replied to all queries. I get this email on April 19

Cancellation Date: Apr. 18, 2007
Subscription Name: TELUGU TV
Subscription Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Item Number: XXX

I was still charged $9.99 for the next month.

> Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 01:50:19 -0700
> From:
> Subject: RE: Receipt for your subscription payment
> To:
> you must cancel 1 week in advance, we do not provide refunds
> TeluguTV Support

This is ridiculous as there is no mention of one week notice any where on this site.

Why $10 loss is a big deal? Think this way if 1000 of TeluguTv.Net subscribers cancel their account this way then just made 10,000$ (RS 4.2 lacs) this way.

Is this not a customers rip off??

My advise is be careful of dealing with this service especially when cancelling.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 30, 2007 | Categories: Movies

15 Responses to subscription cancellation is a ripoff

  1. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely agree with you. I also had the same issue with My case is worst than yours. I subscribed for 6 months at a time and when I try to cancel it they automatically deducted 6 months amount and now they says they can’t refund the amount. I am going to file a case against When I took the new subscription they never mentioned that they are not going to refund the amount.

  2. cu_ says:

    Yes. Now it is a $14.99 rip off. I wish I had seen this post before I took the bait. Anyone, if you are seeing this BEFORE you took the service, consider yourself lucky and don’t even bother trying it.

    I tried from three different computers, following all their real player setup instructions etc., And I am not a streaming/Real player/Computer newbie. The quality of the service was abysmal… totally unusable. It is pretty much a still picture that gets update once every two minutes or so. I had better quality on free services than this one.

  3. Kalyan says:

    @cu_ for sharing your experiences..

    Now I’ve ordered Maa Tv on Dish Network and it works 90% of the time. The programming shifts morning to evening sometimes but lot better than streaming experience we had with

    Such a great channel Maa TV is but lacks proper reach and quality customer service. I hope they fix it soon.


  4. mikkey says: sucks, I wonder if they are legal in showing the stream in usa, I contacted dishnetwork and they said they hold the rights of online streaming, i guess they will sue and all similar websites who are showing live stream in usa

  5. iyuvan says: sucks

  6. iyuvan says: sucks, i guess they are illegal in usa, i contacted dish network and they said they have all the streaming rights for usa satellite as well online. they said they will sue as they are only allowed to stream it for europe. Its better every one who are in usa cancel there subscription

  7. TeluguTV says: is authorized to distribute MaaTV channel online worldwide and having happy customers. If anyone want to take on this statement please email to or just goto we are listed distributor

    Normally good is absorbed without outcome and bad is absorbed with a big blast showing minor number of people who are having issues, It is customer responsibility to ask for cancelation by email or just by them self logging into paypal account, we show this info on subscription form also yet some people miss this which we can not help. We tried to ignore this post, but for people who will be mis directed with this we had to post here.

  8. Kalyan says:

    For those of you who has doubts and posted comments see the following mail from teluguTV – “that TeluguTV is Authorised to telecast MaaTV”

    Subject: comments on your site
    Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 13:36:20 -0700

    Hi, this is regarding the bad postings on our website at the url

    First of all if someone or yourself had a bad experience with our service that we can not help, The problem can be of different things, however we only work up upto an extent that is viable for business perspective and process is governed by rules and terms, We clearly indicate in the subscription form of our terms that customer must email for cancelations before renew date, we are not going to be liable for any laziness or forgetful matters beyond our control. We provide the best online quality service even till today, We are the ones who started providing time zones before any other provider did within telugu entertainment. So we are not stupid enough forgetting issues or incapability of any respect.

    Although we have seen the posting and never reacted we had to react due to comments and allegations being made by different people in the thread which is misguiding any visitor coming to this url. Asking people to be careful is not a problem, but allegations like TeluguTV is not Authorised to telecast MaaTV in US is something we can not digest.

    TeluguTV.Net is fully licensed to carry and distribute signal of MaaTV and Maa Music channels online including USA Not just Euro , if you need any clarification you can email any party within or call them up. I hope you understand the situation and eeither delete the thread or change title, if the customer feels a ripoff without reading our terms we are not the problem here, Unlike others who write fine print, we actually write terms on subscription form itself. If that is not enough there is nothing more which can be enough.

    TeluguTV Support

  9. Kalyan says:

    @TeluguTV Support – I sent many emails and no one from your customer service team bothered to respond and now you come back after two years and refering me to the subscription terms. Why didn’t you do that when I sent emails?

    Also do you think this is a fair business practise ? If you charged me $9.99 upon cancellation anyway why not give me another 3 weeks and then cancel my subscription. TeluguTV took full one month subscription and canceled my subscription. This is ethically wrong.

    Hope this suggestion is taken as postive feedback and will listen to customers for what they paid.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes, now is just cheating people. No channel will be good to view. Streaming is not good. There are many channel logos in the websites page, which are just for poster use only. I am suffering because I subscribed it for 6 months. The same problem is for weeks and no improvement.

  11. Anonymous says:

    same happened to me.I have subscribed to this service for 6 months and was very disappointed with their service.The streaming is very very bad ..infact the worst service.So,i emailed them to cancel the subscription and refund my money .I got a response saying that we don't give any refunds.They are cheating the peolple.Don't try to subscribe this service.Try to subscribe to other services they are good with just little more cost than this.If you take this by comparing the money you will loose the entire amount of your money.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes, that is the way does the business. Please continue with them only if you are happy with their service. By the way, I am one of the victim with 6 months subscription. Streaming really has an issue, could be their server supporting capacity. Send email with in a week after looking at email that they have renewed the service, they said "sorry no refunds", nothing but "we got you(r money)". Think twice…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Suddently they stopped streaming MAATV and there si no response from support inspite of innumerable mails. These guys suck.

  14. Venkat says:

    I fully agree with Kalyan and others that is fraudulently enriching itself by retaining the subscription collected for a future period even after the subscriber cancels the subscription. It is unlawful and unethical business practice to retain the customer funds for services not used by the customer. in its response says it has provided the terms on the subscription form not in a small print. In fact the terms and conditions are put in a small box in the online subscription form which are difficult to read and subscribers may not be able to go through. Here are terms we the ‘small box’.

    1. Telugu TV is a subscription service and service will be renewed automatically, if you need to disconnect please send a email to along with payment receipt (must) email. You will receive a confirmation email of cancellation, if you have not received this within 48hrs, you must mail again.
    2. We have absolutely no refund policy

    Terms indicate that subscription is renewed automatically without subscriber’s consent and advance subscription collected will not be refunded though subscriber cancels the subscription. What does this suggest? Is it not unlawful,unethical and fradulent to retain subscriber’s funds? Is it not a RIPOFF? Can anyone take this to the Consumer’s forum?

    Another interesting aspect is corresponds with the customers only through emails. It does not provide the contact telephone numbers or firm’s address anywhere on its website – Website only indicates that the firm is based in Santa Clara in California.

    Please careful about subscribing to

  15. Ravi says:

    I agree with all the feedback from everyone on this site. I have subscription with for over 2 years. For the past 1 month the service has been horrible compared to anytime in the past and is not working for past 2+ weeks. Even after multiple emails, they did not bother to reply even including the cancellation request. I believe they would be qualified to tag as a site to ban.
    Be very careful before subscribing.

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