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Unstoppable Aussies wrapped up formalty game before lunch.

Australia and Ricky Pointing has just answered his own question of “the value of minnows at the World Cup and wonders if they provide any benefits for cricket’s showpiece event.”

Pakistan and India of course failed miserable at so called minnows hands.

Today Australia showed to rest of the cricket teams ( Pakistan and India in particular ) how to play with minnows.If you know the winner of the game people slowly start losing interest and today’s match between Australia and Ireland is just a formality of the event.
Aussies proved and made stronger of their No.1 ranking and sure will be for few more years. All cricket teams are under rebuild situation and have to see if this goes destroying the mighty Australian teams.

Got to admit such a boring game, Its Australia that is to be blamed for bowling 30 overs and giving 16 extras to Irish.Seeing this Ireland must have known that this game will get over before lunch break and Aussies took just above 12 overs to wrap this match to make both teams to enjoy the Friday afternoon at Caribbean beaches.

With this match, Aussies are the first to grab a semi-final spot today.

Tomorrow’s South Africa v/s New Zealand will decide the fate of South Africa chances who is competing with England for semis spot.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 13, 2007 | Categories: 2007 World Cup, Cricket

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